Choosing Your Designer Handbag

Choosing a designer handbag should encompass certain factors which include but are not limited to looks, usefulness, durability and cost. These should be the primary factors that should influence a person’s purchase of a designer handbag. In this highly imperfect and definitely unpredictable world, the purchase of a designer handbag is often based on looks, uniqueness, brand name and how sought after it is. You might expect this way of thinking from the upper class but when it comes to middle class women and some from the upper lower class, maybe also seek to buy and own a designer handbag which is supposedly affordable for the upper class.

Brand Name
One very big factor to a handbag purchase is the brand name of the bag. Many houses of fashion and designer bigwigs have established a clientele which are very loyal tot hem and are willing to purchase even their most expensive designer handbags for the sake of having it and not for necessity. The designer handbag has now become a status symbol which many elitist men and women seek to have in order to establish the hierarchy and just how rich they can be.

For those who may need to carefully choose a designer handbag and not have the luxury of buying something just because it is popular, the brand name can also carry a significant pull in choosing. This is because many designer names also carry a guarantee that their works are topnotch, basically free of mistakes and durable. One can always opt for replica designer handbags but these are usually not as meticulously crafted as the designer handbags of reputable fashion houses.

The Usefulness
Women buy a bag because they usually see just how useful it can be to them. Although, these days, this is not the common way of thinking, many still do this. The size and purpose of a designer handbag is often the reason why it is purchased. Features of a designer handbag, such as having pockets for cellular phones, pens and other smaller things is a big factor in purchasing it. Many women would like to justify buying a particular handbag with its usefulness even if they already own several handbags with a similar design or purpose.

The Need
There is actually nothing that can stop a very determined woman from buying a designer handbag that she wants to buy, no matter how inappropriate it may be or how useless. Being able to afford a handbag that she wants, nay crave for, is reason enough for a woman to purchase it.


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